Screen Printing

With a state-of-the-art screen printing process, we do serigraphic printing work on elastics, ribbons and cords, in polyester and cotton. The works carried out under our process are duly certified, guaranteeing resistance in washing and other textile finishes. We do the stamping on tape, cord and continuous elastic or in labels.


The sublimation technique is used to print directly on textile fibers and offers the great advantage of being very resistant to washing, keeping the colors bright and vivid.
The principle behind sublimation:
Images / patterns are printed on a paper basis (offset) which will be subsequently used to transfer those onto a textile basis.
The paper and the textile base are superimposed one upon the other and pressed by a hot cylinder (at about 210 ° C) for a certain period of time.
The applied pressure and the heat radiated by the cylinder transfer the printed ink onto the paper to the textile fibers and the end result is a solid and vibrant print on a previously simple piece of fabric or mesh.


We produce labels for the textile industry, they are essential for any manufacturer. PSV also offers a collection of standard stamped and woven labels. These labels may indicate composition and sizes.


We manufacture all kinds of cords in cotton and polyester, crude or in color, flat, bobbin round and needle for many applications in the textile industry.
We also have cords produced in jacquards of last generation, where it will be possible to manufacture your cord with letters and / or drawings.


We produce customized elastics for all types of textile manufacturing industry, from the underwear to the footwear industry.


The labels used in the flexographic process for the textile area are durable and resistant. They are prepared to withstand the frequent washing and drying processes, and their printing lives up to the product life cycle. White, they can be printed by thermal transfer printers.

Polyester, cotton & jacquard Tape

We have smooth ribbons of twill woven, plain woven and grosgrain, in cotton and polyester. These tapes are available in crude for dyeing or in color.
Our looms, equipped with jacquard, allow the production of personalized tapes with drawings and letters.


We produce emblems for the most diverse textile accessories. We use high quality raw materials that guarantee the proposed life cycle for the textile piece.
PSV also produces for other products outside the textile industry.


We have several accessories for our products, in order to deliver what you want and that best fits your idea. Cord tips, snap hooks, click-clacks, among others, consult us for more information on finishings and placing accessories on our products.